Dennyshill Care Home is a private residential care for the elderly across Devon. We aim to provide care, comfort and compassion, while meeting and exceeding the standards of care set out in the Health and Social Care Act 2008’s “Essential Standards of Quality and Care” and we are regulated by the Care Quality Commission, a statutory body whose inspection reports are kept in the manager’s office or the reception area of the home. 

We aim to provide a comfortable and happy home that Service Users enjoy living in. We will do everything possible to respect the rights of our Service Users, particularly by observing the values of privacy, dignity, independence, choice and fulfilment, while ensuring that freedom of rights is limited only by the rights of others. We recognise that providing good care is a co-operative process and we aim to consult Service Users and, where appropriate, their relatives, friends and representatives. The unique needs of each individual are recognised and skilled staff are available to provide care and support in a way that encourages self-determination and enables each person to achieve their best possible quality of life.